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The Medium Flow, Heavy Flow and Overnight reusable period cloth pads Lilahpads are made with 3gen Zorb® organic cotton dimples. The thirsty layers of the original Zorb® This fabric is extremely absorbent. It can absorb ten times its weight in less than two seconds! It is designed to be used by the cloth nappy industry and, therefore, perfect for reusable sanitary pads.

Yes!! Lilahpads are made from the same materials as are reusable cloth nappies. They are extremely absorbent and if you like we can add a hemp layer to any size for naturally antibacterial properties. All Lilahpads are also waterproof thanks to PUL layer – you can read about PUL here.

There are so many reasons to make the switch to reusable period products and here we’ve listed some below:

Economic (money saving) – Whilst investing into reusable period cloth pads can initially be a little expensive it will definitely be worth it over time as cloth pads can easily last up to 10 years (especially if you follow the recommended care instructions which you can access here).

Comfort – Lilahpads are made from the softest unbleached, undyed GOTs certified organic cotton which is extremely cozy and comfortable.  (*please note that the black flannel is not organic*).

Good to the environment – The average woman has about 450 cycles in a lifetime and by the time she comes to an end of her bleeding journey she will have used approximately 15,000 disposable sanitary products. Around 1 million disposable sanitary products end up in landfill every year in the UK alone! That’s a lot of waste which can be easily and comfortably avoided by using reusable period products.

Health – It is not a surprise that conventional disposable sanitary products are filled with toxic materials (such as dioxins, furans, pesticide residue.. all linked to cancer, endocrine disruption, reproductive toxicity and more!). Making the switch to reusable period cloth pads is a no brainer. You may notice your cycle becomes more regular as well as reduction in cramps, pain and other pms symptoms once you stop your exposure to these toxins.

Hemp fleece – Hemp fleece is a wonderful fabric. It consists of 45% organic cotton and 55% hemp. Hemp is grown without any pesticides, herbicides or genetically modified seeds. It requires very little water to grow and very little time to process. It is naturally antibacterial, breathable and keeps you warm when it’s cold outside and vice versa. It is a beautiful fibre and just perfect for the use in reusable period cloth pads. We add a hemp layer to our reusable pantyliners.


PUL – We only use PUL specifically designed for the use in the cloth nappy industry. Its job is to keep you dry and allow airflow to reach your skin at the same time. It is very durable and if you follow the recommend care instructions it will last a very very long time. PUL is the reason why reusable cloth pads Lilahpads are waterproof and still very thin. The next best water-restistant way to make a very good cloth pad is the use of wool fabrics. Wool sanitary products are much thicker than the ones with PUL layer and you’d need to add a few to make your cloth pads water resistant. PUL is also perfect for people who avoid the use of animal derived materials.


Organic flannel – The flannel used as the top layer of the off-white cloth period pads Lilahpads is 100% organic, undyed, unbleached and GOT’s certified. It is a very soft fabric and its colour might vary as it is a natural product.


Black flannel – The top layer of the black Lilahpads is dyed black and not organic. It is 100% brushed cotton.


3D Zorb® organic cotton dimples – Revolutionary 3D Zorb fibres which are sandwiched in two layers of organic cotton fabric, have a superior holding capacity. It absorbs 10 times its weights in under 2 second and soaks up 20 times faster than any other material. This fabric was created for the cloth nappy industry and, therefore, is perfect to make reusable period cloth pads absorbent.


Patterned fabric – Cotton Lawn, mostly by Liberty of London.


Metal snaps – Metal snaps are much thinner than the plastic ones and therefore they are more comfortable and unnoticeable when sitting (cloth pads’ plastic snaps can be especially annoying when cycling – trust us – we’ve been there 🙂