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Maxi (Incontinence) Lilahpad


Maxi Lilahpad is designed to be an effective Extra Heavy Incontinence pad and it is very good for sudden gush of a very heavy period blood. If your period is gushy then I’d recommend to first try the Gushy Flow Lilahpad as that is very effective at slowing down this sudden flow so the materials get enough time to soak it all in.

If you are looking for a good incontinence pad but don’t need an extra super heavy one then please choose any other regular Lilahpads as these will do the trick. This is a Maxi Pad which will hold a lot of liquid and is huge.

Which absorbency do I choose? 

This Maxi Lilahpad comes in three different absorbency options and I’d only recommend the Ultra one if your bladder is extremely weak.

Materials used: Organic cotton flannel, PUL ProSoft, ZORB organic cotton dimples, 100%cotton fabric, metal fasteners.

Approx. size:

17″ (43cm) long,

6.5″ (16.5cm) wide at the back,

5.5″  (14cm)wide at the front,

4.6″ (12cm) wide in the middle.

Care instructions included.

*Please note that this Lilahpad is not made with Liberty fabric as others.